Travelling 450 miles in 16 hours each day

modes of transport

On a tuk-tuk, push bike, and 1968 scooter​

The Challenge

On the 23rd May 2024, our founder & CEO Gary Redman will be travelling from John o’Groats to Lands’ End via three modes of transport, all for little hearts.

Gary has pledged to raise £50k for the cardiac ward at Birmingham Children’s Hospital, after undergoing a life-saving heart operation. The work that the cardiac ward does every day to not only help their young patients but also the loved ones around them is inspirational and will serve as a great fuel for the gruelling challenge ahead.

Gary will be taking a 200cc TUK-TUK that averages 35mph, a push bike and a 200cc scooter (1968) to complete the 450 miles per day required. This requires an average 16 hours a day in a saddle splitting the miles up between all three vehicles.

Gary’s story

On the 23rd Nov 2021 Gary was taken into hospital for life-saving surgery after finding out that 50% of the blood his heart was pumping was leaking directly back into the heart.


GR “Two years on and living with a mechanical aortic heart valve I thought it only right to take on a challenge. The condition I had, I was born with. Today there are children across the UK still going undiagnosed of heart conditions that could be treated. The money that will be raised will go towards equipment that can help numerous children have a long and healthy life, and support the medical team that are devoted to helping them”.


Gary has always been up for a challenge, taking on marathons, long distance cycling and even taking a TUK-TUK across north India over three weeks in the name of charity. This might be the hardest yet!


GR “I am just happy to be in a position to support them. I have personally spent time on the Children’s Heart ward, speaking to the Team, families and in cases some of the children. The Team there are amazing, in-fact they are unbelievable. The care that each of them have is infectious, and I ask you to help me support them with the tools they need to care for little hearts”.

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