The Importance of Employee Recognition

30th January 2020

Employee recognition is imperative for ensuring motivation and aiding retention within the team. When implemented correctly, it can also improve engagement and morale. After all, a happy workforce is a productive workforce.

One of the biggest misunderstandings is that recognition means monetary reward only. Yes, structured bonus plans have a vital role to play within recognising the hard work of employees. However, at the simplest of levels, it just needs to be good communication of how well they’ve done or simply expressing ‘thanks’.

Often, employee recognition is left until performance reviews only, which is a mistake as recognising a job well done shouldn’t be left to just one day every now and again.

When employees feel like their hard work is recognised, they tend to stick with their current employer which, therefore, decreases turnover. Not only this, but happiness within the workforce increases as a result which leads to increased productivity.

Consistency, fairness and a well-structured plan are important in employee recognition as it needs to be seen that anyone who makes the required contribution receives the same acknowledgement, not just a select few.

This means that it needs to be tailored to each specific team, if you’re in a business where some are KPI’d and others aren’t, there needs to be a certain fairness and flexibility to the recognition given.

There are many ways to action employee recognition within the workplace, however; it all begins with a winning company culture. To have a successful employee recognition program, you must first have a culture that advocates appreciation for those who work hard.

What does Now Careers do for employee recognition?
  • Annual awards ceremony – Each year, we celebrate and reflect on the highs of the year and celebrate individual wins too.
  • Team lunches – Once a month we enjoy a team lunch to discuss and acknowledge individual successes.
  • Weekly awards – Each week employees anonymously vote for their MVP where a highly sought after trophy is given.
  • Win a holiday – NOW employees have the chance to win a team holiday to Tenerife.
  • And more!!


National Employee Appreciation Day is Friday 6th March – how will you be celebrating your employees/colleagues?