NOW Careers: For Your Ambitions

24th May 2019

It’s no secret that the environments we place ourselves in have a big impact on how we think, feel and behave. If we feel good, we can be the best version of ourselves. If we’re feeling unhappy in our environment, we won’t be reaching our full potential. Although it’s impossible to feel good 100 percent of the time, the space around us is an important factor in keeping us inspired.

For this reason, our NOW offices have cultivated an atmosphere of ambition and innovation. Everyone is encouraged to achieve their ambitions inside and outside of the workplace, as CEO Gary Redman elaborates, “I want to grow the people … we recognise that people are key to any organisation.” An example of this is his ‘lunch away from your desk’ policy, where everyone is encouraged to take a break and spend time with colleagues during lunch– this allows us to return to workspace with a clear headspace.

Here is a glimpse of the head office, in Birmingham. The recently refurbished space is vibrant and full of light.


The Newcastle office is also full of inspiration. 


A peak into the Cardiff office! 

Some strong words from Edinburgh.