Millenial’s & Freelancing within the construction industry

8th July 2019

Millennials; teenagers, twenty and thirty-somethings - The era that loves to surround themselves with different cultures and have a sense of freedom. A generation of confidence, who do not conform to the restrictions of older generations. If they don't like something, they simply make sure that their voice is heard.

So why is it that in a world full of vibrant opportunities, so many millennials haven’t tried freelancing before? Surely, it would be a no-brainer.

Freelancing can be an attractive way of working as it offers many benefits such as:

  • Flexi-working arrangements
  • Variety of different working environments
  • Different cultural surroundings

Are you a recent graduate or have an NVQ relatable to the housing sector? The UK construction and housing sector are one of the leading country’s economic drivers. However, there is a shortage of skilled professionals, which is becoming a challenge for a field that relies on its workforce more than most.

Millennials represent one-quarter of the world’s population and yet, the construction & housing industry is largely made up of an older workforce, with fewer younger generations choosing to qualify in this area.

So, why should you choose to work freelance? Recently, there has been a shortage of skills which means there are more opportunities rising. Not only this but because there is a shortage, companies are paying a higher rate to ensure that they are attracting and maintaining talent.

If you have a degree in Construction Site Management, an SMSTS that is relatable to the industry or, are currently in a permanent career and would like to try a freelance opportunity, why not contact Now Careers for more information on how we could help you?