Mental well being in the workplace

31st May 2019

For many of us, work is a place where we spend a lot of our time, so why shouldn’t we be happy there? Of course, there are moments when things get overwhelming, whether it’s related to work or personal life, employers have a duty to value everyone in the workplace and to create an open environment. This is something that can be overlooked, however, it is beneficial for both the individual and the company they work for.

According to Mind, a leading mental health charity, “1 in 6 workers are dealing with a mental health problem such as anxiety, depression or stress. This can stop people performing at their best.”  So what are a few ways to make sure people feel good at work?

If you notice something might be up, Ask.

Sometimes it may be difficult to understand how to help someone. So if you see someone struggling, maybe take them aside and talk to them – ask them how you can make things easier for them at work as a simple change could make a world of difference. It can be difficult for people to open up, as they may be afraid of losing their job so let people know that it’s okay to speak up if they are struggling. Compassion goes a long way!

Appreciate the people

Appreciation is a great motivator. No matter what the role is, how big or small, everyone should be valued. This could be done verbally by praising people or making small gestures that could instil a positive mood. People put a lot of mental and physical energy into what they do, so it’s important to thank them from time to time.

Mix things up a bit!

Create some variation in the workplace. As much as it’s important to work hard when things become routine or like ‘groundhog day’ it can easily be difficult to stay motivated. Creating variation could be something small such as a charity bake-off or a raffle in the office. Alternatively, it could be something bigger like a day out or a meal somewhere occasionally. We’re not machines, so variation is important in keeping us mentally vibrant.

Understand that everyone is different

Remember that everyone is an individual; identity and individuality are leading factors in making employees feel fulfilled. Some people are introverts, some people are extroverts, some people are somewhere in-between. Although it’s not easy to remember everyone and their personal needs, do your best to understand them as people with different experiences are what make a workplace thrive!

Ultimately though, there are many ways to make sure that you have a happy and healthy workplace culture. People are the centre of any business, so their wellbeing should be a priority.

A healthy mind = A healthy body = A healthy company.

Additionally, for a more detailed guide mental well being in the workplace, take a look at this handy guide put together by the Mind charity.