How Twitter could help you find your next job

16th August 2019

Social media can be a great help when looking for your next position. By marketing yourself, you could reach a much larger audience than if you just put your CV on a few job boards. It's no lie, social media has become largely recognised as an asset to growth within companies, so it makes sense to harness it when looking for your next position. So, what can you do on Twitter to be seen?

Update Your Bio:

You have 280 characters; use this to advertise yourself and the positions you’re looking for. Relevant hashtags included in the bio can help, but be sure to include relevant keywords to describe yourself and your aspirations, as these can be searched upon and can bring up your profile within searches.

Pinned Tweets

On Twitter, you can choose to pin a tweet to the top of your feed. This ensures it stays at the top of your profile, and will often be the first thing readers see on your page, so use this to your advantage. You can tell your followers you are looking for new opportunities and if boosted with a relevant image or photo, you are almost guaranteed more views. (according to statistics). If you want to really push engagement, you can also upload a short video to introduce yourself.


If you are looking at reaching a larger audience, then paid advertising should be your go-to. When you look for your next position, paid campaigns can be completely tailored to how you want to target people. First off, it gives you a choice of objectives you want to get out of your tweet. When looking for a new position, the “awareness” campaign is best, as this will ensure that as many people as possible can see your tweet within their timeline.

The last page is where you can target your audience by age, locations, interests, and keywords. You can also enter usernames and it will find profiles similar to this so that you can target their audiences also.

Becoming More Active

If you are active on Twitter, but only posting a couple of times a week and not really engaging with your followers; it is well worth upping your postings and likes.

Using a platform to schedule posts will help get your content out at the best times to get the most exposure to your content. Aim at tweeting 4-6 times a day, posting content relevant to your experience and career. (E.g. if you’re in Finance, post links to Finance articles your followers may find interesting or ask open questions to engage).

If you are not engaging with your followers, it might be worth “liking” more content and getting into conversations to get more exposure to your profile.

Searches on Twitter

More and more companies are advertising their open positions via company Twitter accounts, with some even having dedicated accounts just for posting their jobs on. It’s well worth following companies that you have an interest in, just in case a suitable role pops up. It could also show you an insight into the company and could be a great talking point if you succeed in getting an interview!

Equally, it is worth following local recruitment agencies, as they tend to post live roles and news relating to the sectors they cover.


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