Gary’s Story

20th March 2023

On November 23rd 2021 I was admitted into hospital for major heart surgery for a condition I was born with.  However, I only found out about this 16 years ago after a routine medical for life insurance for Now Careers Australia. The procedure was to replace my aortic valve which was leaking.  This meant that every time my heart pumped blood into my body it was going straight back into my heart, to the point where 50% of my blood was being pumped and the other 50% was going straight back into my heart, causing an enlarged heart and blood chamber.

I now want to make a difference.

I am setting out to raise funds for Birmingham Children’s Hospital which has a specialist cardiac unit that needs equipment to diagnose the type of condition I was born with sooner in a child’s life.

To raise funds for such vital equipment myself and Alex Westworth the Managing Director of Now Education will be taking a 200cc TUK-TUK from John O’Groats to Lands’ End in 5 days.  This will be a gruelling challenge.  I know this as I took a TUK-TUK in 2016 across India for the same cause.

I am also going to tell my story of my operation, how it made me feel, the recovery journey, this will be followed by my recent visit to Birmingham Children’s Hospital to visit Children, their families and staff, these will be released each week.  It’s very moving.

Our objective is to raise £50,000 when we take on the challenge which starts on the 8th July 2023. Any support would be greatly appreciated.  We do have a just giving page which is below.

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