Fresh Faces – Ray Harris

19th December 2019

Joining the Birmingham Accountancy division, please help us welcome Ray Harris to the team!

What is your recruitment background?

I (really) started in recruitment when I was over in Sydney, I only went over as a backpacker… and ended up getting a business visa and staying for 8 years! I can truly say, it was wonderful and started out my recruitment life in Accounting & Finance, which was a good platform to begin with.

After coming home, I was lucky enough to join Grant Thornton covering all their service lines in the Midlands, which gave me an invaluable in-sight and technical knowledge, which has been the catapult to this role.

Why did you join Now Careers?

The opportunity to build, grow and be a part of this great team we have here. I’m excited to become an integral part of the business and have a truly national presence. Being able to give an open consultative approach, incorporating workforce planning to really understand the businesses we work for. That’s what will set us apart.

Away from recruitment, what do you do?

Well, I’m at that age where my children are priority, so after they are content and happy – I enjoy my golf, cooking and warbling on Karaoke (Guilty pleasure!)