Fresh Faces – Dean Bowers

4th October 2019

Please help us welcome Dean to the Birmingham Accountancy division, we're extremely excited for him to be joining Team NOW!

Dean Bowers – Senior Consultant

What is your recruitment background?

I started my career in recruitment back in 2015, specialising in the Retail Buying and Merchandising sector. This gave me excellent exposure to the challenges that faced businesses in the UK from a trade perspective and during this time saw a huge dip in the traditional High Street retail world but a rise in the world of E-Commerce.

Following this, I wanted to explore a new market but still remain close to retail/ecommerce therefore stepping into my first role within Finance, specialising in the Senior Finance market for Retail in the West and East Midlands. Over a period of time, my desk expanded and I began adding new industry sectors to my portfolio, working with both SME’s as well as Global PLC’s.

Even over the last few years, I’ve seen a huge focus on businesses leaning on Financial teams to deliver on more in-depth and commercial analysis in order to forward plan in addition to looking at more efficient ways to produce accurate financial reports in as little time as possible through automation. This has been extremely interesting to me as the skill sets required in businesses to achieve this has become more niche than ever which has led to me now being in a position to add true value to my clients when resourcing within these areas. I have also developed a huge network of the more traditional Finance professionals within the Midlands markets and keep a close eye on changes across multiple sectors throughout.

Why did you join Now Careers?

To be honest, I’ve found it difficult to find the right mix of culture and opportunity over the last couple of years. By that I mean, being able to operate within a sales environment whilst also working as part of a healthy team environment. NOW Careers appealed to me because of it being an established Group, however still having a real family feeling to it. The team work collaboratively, but also allow you to carve out a rewarding career. There is no short term view either from a client relationship perspective and this to me, speaks volumes in terms of building strong working relationships with local businesses rather than focusing solely on short term financial rewards.

Away from recruitment, what do you do?

Away from the desk, I am the lucky father of a sassy 8 year old, Ellie who is 8 going on 18 with the current attitude!! But honestly, most of my time is taken up with family days out – we are at a great age where theme parks are a regular day out which fills up a lot of my weekends. In terms of sport, I do enjoy playing football (although don’t follow a team) and I’m also a huge fan of F1, boxing and the UFC.