Continuing your job search during the lead up to Christmas

12th November 2019

Halloween and Bonfire Night have only just passed and like every year, the Christmas decorations and TV adverts are already vastly making an appearance. 

It’s understandable that as Christmas is fast approaching, to feel there’s no point looking for your next career move. Surely, companies will put off their recruitment drive until the New Year?

This the majority of the time, isn’t strictly true. Companies, during November and December, will be completing their annual budgets for the following year and finalising spend on new hires. In some cases, budgets are released early so that hiring processes can start before the end of the year.

Because it’s the end of the year, there may still be a hiring budget to use, which may mean an increased push for a recruitment drive.

The positives about continuing your job search during the lead up for Christmas means that because of the mentality that no one tends to hire over this time, there is less competition for securing a new job. Not only this, but Recruiter’s / Hiring Manager’s are easier to reach during this period.

Don’t forget to take advantage of the networking events the holiday season brings. Giving you the opportunity to meet new people and expanding your current network, which may help with your job search.

Over the Christmas period, it is well worth updating your CV and LinkedIn if you plan to use this time to concentrate on your job search. Why not check out our blog post filled with tips and advice on how you can optimise your LinkedIn profile here.

It’s also worthwhile keeping a mental note that January is often a busy period to job search. With constant reminders that the ‘New Year brings a fresh start’ and to ‘turn a new leaf’, by starting your search towards the end of the year; you are not only getting ahead of the rush but possibly the competition too.

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