Making the most of your lunch break

27th February 2020

How often do you take your full lunch break, if at all? Or maybe, you don't know what to do for the full hour, so instead are taking a shorter break, choosing to go back to work early, over taking sufficiant time away from your desk.

Here are some ways you can spend your break to make the most of it and hopefully, boost productivity.

Sit down and eat with colleagues – We know it sounds simple, however, not many people take the time to do this. Preferring a working lunch instead. Taking time to sit down and catch up with colleagues is a great way of taking time out and relax before going back to work.

Go for a walk – You don’t need long, but a break out of the office, even for a quick 10-15 minutes will have you feeling a lot more refreshed when heading back to the office.

Catch up on a series – Desperate to catch up on the latest episode of your series? Why not watch this on your lunch break?

Run errands – Everyone has those errands that they put off in the evenings such as booking appointments, going to the post office, running to the shops etc. By fitting this in on your break, your saving time in the evenings, allowing yourself to switch off from the day.

Plan a holiday – Why not use your break to plan a holiday?

Catch up – Do you have a friend or family member that works close by? Why not go for a catch-up and bite to eat on your lunch break.

Eat a good lunch – A ‘good’ lunch is not a standard cheese sandwich meal deal! Treat yourself to a lunch at that nice cafe that’s a little bit expensive but sooo worth it (we all have one).