4th December 2019

Leah is the 3rd to feature in our blog series 'A day in the life of...". We aim to show you an insight into who works for NOW, what a typical day looks like and advice to pursue a career within their role/sector.

Leah Grigoris – HR Recruitment Consultant

How long have you worked for Now Careers?

It was my one year anniversary just over a month ago!

What does a typical day look like for you?

The beauty of recruitment is that there is no ‘typical day’ – every day is different!  My days always consist of speaking to new clients and candidates and catching up with those I have relationships with. However, I can spend some days focusing on resourcing to fill job opportunities, or developing new business relationships through meetings and client networking events/seminars.

Main responsibilities of your role?

Networking and building strong relationships with clients and candidates, to truly understand their needs and be able to match the right talent, to the right job opportunities.

What challenges do you face within your role?

My biggest challenge with setting up the HR Division has been trying to find enough time in the day to keep on top of everything – I am so busy all the time!

What is your favourite part of your role?

Being a ‘people-business’ means that no two days are the same; I love the variety and meeting so many amazing people!

What advice would you give to people looking to pursue a career within your field?

You can kick-start a career within HR through a number of routes; this could mean studying HR Management or a business degree at university, or a CIPD course.  You can also look at getting some practical experience through paid / unpaid work placements.

It is also important to differentiate yourself from the competition. This may be by dedicating yourself to voluntary work placements to gain some experience, or showing commitment through networking and attending CIPD seminars etc.

Being a people-orientated profession, you will need exceptional communication, organisation and interpersonal skills, flexibility and commercial acumen. When you are invited to interview for any HR position, it is so important to showcase these skills and experience though using relevant examples of where and when you have used these in previous employment or studies.

If you are looking for a change in career to get into HR, it is important to have a realistic salary expectation as you may need to drop from your current salary initially to get your foot in the door. This however, will pay off down the line when you have more experience and development within your chosen career.