A day in the life of a Finance & Accounts Recruiter

24th October 2019

James is the 2nd to feature in our new blog series. Each week, we will be showing you an insight into who works for NOW, what a typical day looks like and advice to pursue a career within their role.

James Timms – Cardiff Branch

How long have you worked for Now Careers for?

I’ve been with Now for just over a year!

What does a typical day look like for you?

I don’t think there is a typical day, really. You’ve got the obvious morning meetings etc. but besides that, it’s really all down to you. We’re given the autonomy to run our desks like our own business within a business, and so I suppose your day is as varied as you make it.

It’s nice not to be chained to your desk too. So as well as registering candidates, sales calls and other KPI focussed tasks, we’re encouraged to get out and about to take clients to lunch, attend networking events/seminars and, of course, you can’t turn down a good awards ceremony.

Main responsibilities of your role?

As fee earners, there are the obvious financial targets. However, outside of that; I see us as having a real plethora of responsibilities. From marketing to compliance, it’s truly a multifaceted role that will challenge anyone (in a good way) to continue to develop.

We make creative job adverts that attract passive candidates to consider new roles, and support and guide people through one of the most stressful periods in life (I think second only to moving house). We give people good news, bad news, and everything in between and tell businesses (and candidates) what is realistic and what’s not.

We sell, we leverage, we consult, we comfort, we celebrate and we challenge people. It’s a lot…but I love it.

What challenges do you face within your role?

Personally, the thing I’ve struggled with the most is time management. With so many plates spinning, it’s easy for things to start to “wobble” and to feel like you’re not 100% in control. Knowing that this is something I could do with working on, I put my hand up to ask for help and I’ve received so much support its unreal!

My Manager has taken the time to sit with me to run through what works, what doesn’t and how to get the best out of my time with the results speaking for themselves.

We’re lucky here in Cardiff. With the Directors having nearly 30 years’ experience between them, there’s not a lot they’re surprised with; so there’s always lots of advice and support to hand.

What is your favourite part of your role?

I love giving people the good news and knowing that the work I’ve done has made a genuine difference to them. Whether you’ve secured someone a pay rise, got them a better work/life balance or helped someone back in to the job market; every time you make a placement, you’ve made a difference.

Also, if you’re good at what you do, you’ll make great money and will be able to buy nice things and go to sunny places.

What advice would you give to people looking to pursue a career within your field?

It’s tough – anyone who tells you any different is lying!! Nevertheless, if you’re committed and hardy enough, you’ll be able to carve out a career that’s rewarding, lucrative and will give you great insight in to how the world of business works.

Another bit of advice – Be picky with who you work for. There’s a lot to learn in recruitment and you want a good mentor, so this should be at the forefront when interviewing!